It’s Not Just a Job. It’s an Adventure.

“7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Pastors.”  After a particularly busy Sunday, that’s not the headline I particularly wanted to see on Monday morning.  It did however, remind me of a comment I once read in response to a blog post on the topic of pastors being weary on Monday.

If Sunday is so draining on a Pastor, perhaps they need to rethink their relationship with God and their congregation. Monday should be the best day of the week, having spent Sunday surrounded by their church and worshiping God, which is something that should recharge Pastors, not drain them.

Otherwise, it’s just a job. And leading others in the glory of Christ should not be a job.

May I lovingly suggest that this commentor displays a radical (and all-too common) misunderstanding of pastoral ministry. The pastor’s weariness on Monday’s isn’t because it’s “just a job.” It’s because it is not.


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just a Job. It’s an Adventure.

  1. Tim A. says:

    The weariness a pastor experiences on Monday is often a spiritual weariness. A tiredness and he needs refreshment from God and His word. “It is because it is not” is a correct assessment.
    Thanks for this post.

    1. Cameron says:

      “a spiritual weariness” – exactly. The quote in my post is based on the faulty premise that a person engaged in spiritual ministry can’t be spent and fulfilled simultaneously. Even Jesus took time apart from ministering to the crowds in order to recharge spiritually (prayer) and physically (rest).

  2. KC Bob says:

    So true. Sunday is definitely not a day of sabbath rest for many who serve (paid & unpaid) at church. Something seems wrong with that statement but it does seem to be true.

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