Ring and Run: Missing an Eternal God in Prayer

Praying always . . . and watching thereunto with all perseverance.

Ephesians 6.18

A new pastor was visiting from house to house in his new community, introducing himself to his neighbors. As he walked along the street, he noticed a young boy on the front porch of a large house. He was stretching on his tiptoes, trying to reach the doorbell.

Hoping to be a good example by a kind act, the pastor climbed the steps to give the boy a boost. After lifting him high enough to press the button, he smiled down at the lad.

“What now?”

The boy replied, “Now we run.”

We are like little boys who ring the bell and run away.  We pray about a matter once, briefly, then run off about our business as if nothing is going to come of it.  God is at work in my life, but His work is seldom, if ever, done in an instant. He is an eternal God, and He doesn’t get in a hurry.

Jesus taught, “Men ought always to pray and not faint,” and “Ask . . . seek . . . knock.”

Paul wrote, “Pray without ceasing,” and “pray with perseverance.”

Faith understands the long-term nature off God’s work, trusts the perfection of God’s timing, and continues to pray – even when you feel like fainting.

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