The Same, On Stage and Off

I like Victor Borge. I am unashamed of this. Some find his humor simplistic and silly, but it makes me laugh. In a day when most humor is crude, smutty, and edgy – simple is refreshing.

I recently heard an interview with one of his sons which challenged me as a dad. He remarked that he was once asked, “What is the difference between Borge on stage and Borge off-stage?” He thought, then answered with characteristic wit, “The lighting.”

What a testimony to consistency! That’s increasingly becoming my desire as a parent . . . that my children find me the same in private as I am in public.  Come to think of it, we should hope everyone – family, friend, and foe – finds us so.  Whether you and I are ever performing on stage, I pray that our family or friends can say the same of us – the only difference is the lights.

Who has been a model of consistency in your life?


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