Who Cares If God Cares But Can’t Answer?

“Pull me out of the net that they have laid for me, because you are my strength.”

{Psalm 31:4}

David knew he could rest in God’s strength. This is important. I’m glad God hears when I pray, but if that were all, it would be of little consolation.

Imagine this situation. You are driving up in the mountains. The view is beautiful and the scenery at its peak. You stop at an overlook to enjoy it more fully, and as you get out of the car, you warn your children, “Stay away from the railing. The mountain is steep.”

You turn to comment to your spouse on the beauty of the scene in front of you, but are interrupted by a scream. Whirling, you are just in time to see your young son sliding over the edge.

In his youthful curiosity he has climbed up on the rail and fallen over. Terror-stricken, you rush to the edge to look down. There you see your child lying on a narrow ledge jutting out in the middle of a shale slide. As you stand there, you hear his cries for help, and your first thought is to get to him as quickly as you can.

But there’s nothing you can do. If you try to climb to him, you run the risk of falling yourself, or even worse, causing a slide that would knock him off the ledge. With nothing to lower down to him, there is no hope of rescue.

It doesn’t matter that you can hear his cry for help. It doesn’t even matter that you desire with all your being to help him. Without the means to help him, you might as well not be there. Your only hope is someone who has the ability to rescue your child.

photo via USASOC @ flickr

A God who can hear our prayers, but not answer them is not God at all. So what if He hears us? Who cares if He wants to help? If He can’t answer, He might as well not be there. David knew that when he called to God, not only would He hear, not only would He care, He was able to help.

I can have the same confidence.


3 thoughts on “Who Cares If God Cares But Can’t Answer?

  1. Interesting hypothetical Cameron. On a spiritual level I think that it is pretty good. We can be sure that he saves when we call on his name. Yet when we are in need of a rescue rope I will take Jesus with skin on every time. A reminder to me that God “normally” works through the Body of Christ.

    • Absolutely. I agree – God certainly answers through His people (and we should always be ready to be a part of the answer). I’ve also seen God work through a variety of means (nature, unbelievers, events, etc.) that go beyond human agency, so I won’t limit what or how He answers! 🙂

  2. Yes. The natural does not preclude the supernatural. But if one does not understand how God “normally” works they will probably miss his activity in their lives.

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