Three-Chopt, Trail-blazing, and a Faithful Father

Not far from where I live is a road named Three Notch’d Road.   Running east-west from Richmond to the Shenandoah Valley, this historical route likely began as an Indian and game trail and was used by colonists as early as the 1730s.

Jack Jouett rode along this road to warn Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and others in the Virginia Assembly of the approaching British army.  Marquis de Lafayette would camp his French troops along its route. Generations of colonists would travel it on their way to and from the mountains.

The unusual name (also called Three Chopt Road) comes from the practice of the pioneer surveyors marking the direction of trails by cutting notches into trees along the path. (This technique is still used today, though colors are more often used than markings.)  With their axes, they would “blaze” the trail for others to follow.  Their labor would serve as a guide for generations after them.

My Dad is a trail-blazer.  He recently celebrated over fifty years of Christian ministry.  Through these years he has marked a path for his children and grandchildren to follow – not with axe or knife, but with his faithfulness to God.  Through his consistent testimony and passion for God, he has left “blazes” along the journey of faith to aid those of us who follow his steps.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all the other Fathers who are leaving a well-marked path.

Who has left a trail for you? Who do you hope to leave for?

{For a more detailed history of the Three Notch’d Road: The Route of the Three Notch’d Road}


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