Obama, UFOs, Guns, and Jesus

In recent days I have seriously considered unfriending a couple of my Facebook friends because of this issue. I usually don’t write about it unless I’m ranting, but this time I’m saying it calmly:

Christians really need to stop sharing.

Not our money, time or possessions – we should continue to model grace by our generosity – but we need to stop sharing conspiracy theories, biased rumors, unverified accounts, and false news.

Unsure if you’re doing this? If your story sounds too crazy to be true it probably is. If the website you are linking has headlines that sound like they were copied from the grocery checkout lane you’re probably guilty. (I’m looking at you, “Scientists Capture Raw Footage of UFO.”) If it qualifies as an “urban legend” (usually a lie that got told enough that people started believing it) you probably shouldn’t post it as fact.

Come to think of it, if you’re unsure, be above reproach. Don’t share it at all. If you don’t have substantiated proof, you are a gossip. That is sin. Worse, it’s down-right lying.

Beyond the fact that there is a sin issue, Christians do serious damage when they are careless about what they share on social media.

We diminish our credibility. Cry wolf often enough and no one will listen when there is a real wolf attacking the flock.

We develop cynicism. Discernment is a commendable and even Biblical quality, but continuous falsehood can generate an unhealthy credulity that doesn’t even bother to question before assuming error.

Most dangerously, we devalue our claim of truth. The message we send by posting these lies is that truthfulness isn’t important enough to us to warrant a two-minute Google search. It says we are gullible enough to accept any unverified rumor simply because it confirms our presupposed beliefs. Needless to say that’s not very helpful when we then share the message of Jesus.

As people are overwhelmed daily with more information than they can process, they become increasingly selective in what they pay any attention to. If we are going to effectively share our message of truth, we should be careful to not first disqualify ourselves by sharing those that are false.sharing


2 thoughts on “Obama, UFOs, Guns, and Jesus

  1. I know that I have probably done this a time or two in the past. In recent years I pray that I have gotten more cautious to what I share on FB. There is a lot of junk, out and out lies, trash, that we Christians should not promote. God forgive us for doing so. Forgive me when I have done so.
    I am pledging to be more cautious in the matter of sharing.

    • I agree. I’m sure I’ve done it as well – most everyone will be fooled at some point. I just hope if I do it, it’s in spite of my carefulness, not because of its absence!

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