“Turn Me Around”


Leonard Bernkop, A.D. 1542

“In the year 1542, Brother Leonard Bernkop was apprehended for the faith at Salzburg. Much was tried to induce him to apostasize, but as he steadfastly persevered in the narrow way of the truth of God, and there was no hope that he would apostasize, they condemned him to death, led him out to the place of execution and built a fire close to him, at which they immediately roasted him.

“But he adhered firmly to the Lord, and said to the bloodhounds and executioners: ‘This side is roasted enough; turn me around, and scorch and roast also the other; for through the power of God this suffering is insignificant in comparison with the eternal’.”

Thieleman J. van Braght

Martyrs Mirror


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