Too Rich To Be Bought?

I want to simply to evaluate one of the arguments I keep hearing in support of Donald Trump. There may (highly conditional) be valid reasons he would make a good president, but I can’t accept this as one of them.

Argument: We should elect Donald Trump because he is too rich to be “bought.”

Fact #1: Donald Trump is a successful businessman who has used every means he considers legal (see his defense of corporate bankruptcy) to achieve even greater wealth.

Fact #2: In the first debate Trump admitted to supporting politicians in exchange for favors. It’s the way the system works and he utilized it to his advantage.

Question #1: When has Mr. Trump ever had enough money that he quit trying to get more?

Question #2: Why should I think he won’t continue to justify and utilize the “system” once he simply changes sides?

Question #3: Why should I believe Trump’s assurance he won’t do so if elected, when he obviously doesn’t believe it’s wrong in the first place? And if he did believe it’s wrong has no problem adjusting his view?

Mr. Trump has consistently demonstrated a businessman’s drive to accumulate greater wealth through any means he considers legitimate (not wrong in and of itself). He believes that money for favors between business people and politicians is one of those legitimate transactions.

While I do not conclude from this that he WILL sell favors, I do not believe his wealth is any assurance that he will NOT or is more honest than the other candidates.


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