Compassion and Caution Are Not Exclusive

I keep hearing people talk as if the only two options available to the United States are “fear” and “compassion.” The first is identified with closing our doors to the refugees, and the second as opening those doors.

I reject this false dichotomy.   Fear may drive away compassion, but compassion should not drive away caution. Perceptive caution is neither fearful nor unmerciful.  There are alternatives that balance both compassion AND caution

God gave the sword to government to prosecute the guilty and protect the innocent. Until our government can guarantee us (as many security experts assure us it cannot) that they are able to screen the refugees as potential terrorists (general government ineptness suggests it cannot), they should seek alternative options that provide care for legitimate refugees (on whom we should have compassion) while protecting America from terrorists (of whom we should remain prudently suspicious).

Discretion will preserve (protect) you, and understanding will keep (guard) you.

{Proverbs 2:11}


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