Did They Really Say That?!?

Donald Trump, Jr. Compares Refugees to Skittles.  Democratic Representative Says Trump Supporters Mentally Deficient.  Just two examples of headlines I’ve seen in the last couple of days. Neither accurately reflect what the person actually said.

Until we’re more concerned with engaging what people actually say instead of attacking our perception of their views we’ll never have civil discourse in this country.

It’s quite popular to snip a quick quote from someone, create an inflammatory headline, and blow up social media with the perceived “lunacy” of the person. We can certainly count on all our like-minded friends to affirm our attack without ever once reading or considering the actual context of what was said.

An analogy is an analogy, a figure of speech is just that, and context matters. Willfully exchanging the originally intended contextual meaning for an easily misinterpreted sound-bite is lying at worst, disingenuous at best, and asinine at all.

Can’t stand Hillary? Fine. Just don’t misrepresent her words merely to score political points. Think Trump’s despicable? Great. But don’t falsely represent his words in order to rack up “likes” and “retweets.” Just be honest when critiquing what anyone says or believes.

It is no justification that they are “wrong.” If they truly are, then prove it by addressing their position, not by attacking their person.


3 thoughts on “Did They Really Say That?!?

    1. Cameron says:

      I agree on both. But shouldn’t we still evaluate what they say (or in some cases didn’t say) as honestly as possible? Even then there’s plenty to be displeased with, but it’s the least we can do, I think.

      Unfortunately I see this done in politics (of all levels), theology, . . . discussions of all sorts.

  1. KC Bob says:

    I agree about evaluating what they say Cameron. We should also evaluate how they what they say. Also to be taken into account is the integrity of the person who speaks the words.

    And like I said, regarding the two presidential candidates, there is little they can say that will change minds about what they have already said.

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