Truth Matters: A Plea to Fellow Christians

Does a person’s error free me from the bonds of truth? Why would my standard of evidence be any less for those with whom I disagree than for those with whom I agree? Would I be willing to be evaluated before the public on the same measure of certainty with which I accept a rumor about them?

Can someone please explain to me how spreading unfounded rumors (lies) on social media about someone you DON’T know is any less gossip or slander than spreading them in person about people you DO know? Our obligation to speak with grace and truth is NOT negated by political, moral, or even theological differences.

It is so easy to fall into this, and it can sometimes happen despite our best efforts. But being truthful matters. Especially when you believe in truth and claim to believe THE truth.

How will we proclaim the ultimate truth-claim to the world when we’ve broadcast falsehood? When we’ve shared the truth in untruthful ways? How will we pour fresh water out in worship at church when we’ve poured salt water in slander all over social media?

The judgment I use to judge others is the same with which I will be judged. The measure we use for others will be measured to us again.


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