Curse the Darkness or Light a Candle


The church is not perfect, but woe to the man who finds pleasure in pointing out her imperfections.

– Charles Spurgeon


Contemporary American Christianity has plenty to critique, but I hear many criticizing that are doing little about the problems.

It is easier to denounce the flaws in the church than it is to contribute to its spiritual health through Biblically valid membership. It is easier to decry the ignorance of modern Christians than it is to invest in developing their spiritual maturity. It is easier to debate the common doctrinal fallacies of the day than it is to promote an understanding of Biblical truth.

It is easier to sit back and curse the darkness than to get up and light a candle.

Most churches are not purposely unhealthy. Many Christians are not purposefully Spiritually immature or Scripturally ignorant. Not everyone that holds a false teaching does so knowingly.

Strike a match. Pour your life into your church and the people in it. Invest your time, talents, and energy into building up those who comprise the body of Christ. Light a candle in the darkness.


2 thoughts on “Curse the Darkness or Light a Candle

  1. Paul says:

    We live in a culture where everyone seems to be a critic. We idolize those who are so arrogant as to think themselves geniuses and everyone else a moron (& we promote self-esteem as the solution for all ills). I thank the Lord for our church and for our pastor. Is it perfect? No, can’t be – I attend. But I pray for our pastor & our church regularly, thanking the Lord for His blessing. We serve a truly awesome God!

  2. Tim A. says:

    I thank the Lord for you Cameron. I pray that I too will always shine the light of Jesus Christ, and my fellows Christians the way to reading, study and application of Scripture so as we can all be faithful to God, and His calling in our lives.

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