A Common, Uncommon Grace

In the book of Acts it is easy to focus on the apostles and their ministry, miracles, and missions. The “main characters” of the story. It IS their account after all (Acts of the Apostles). But the story of the church in action is more than that because the church is more than that. Acts is also the story of the “extras.”

The people who shared their extra with those who didn’t have enough. The men who helped mourn and bury Stephen. Dorcas who served by sewing. The people who helped Saul escape from Damascus, and those who welcomed him into the church in Jerusalem.

Common people in the early church who did uncommon things through a common, uncommon grace. Uncommon because it’s given by God alone; common because it’s given to all believers. Uncommon because it accomplishes extraordinary things; common because it is works in ordinary ways.

These accounts are a reminder that no person is insignificant. You don’t have to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things. All you need is grace.

No task is too small. The common task is not uncommon because of the one doing it, what is done, or how it is done. It is great because of who it is done for and the means it is done by. Any task done for God becomes extraordinary when it is done by God’s grace and for God’s glory.

Common, uncommon grace makes the common uncommon.


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