Luke 3: Well-Beloved by My Father

If this is your first visit, welcome!  We’re reading through the Gospel of Luke one chapter at a time – finishing this historical account of the life of Jesus just in time for Christmas.  Today’s passage is Luke 3.

There are many testimonies to Jesus in Luke’s Gospel.

  • The angel (1.35) called Him that “Holy thing.”
  • John (3:16) described Him as “One mightier than I.”
  • The demons (4.34) addressed Him as the “Holy One of God.”
  • Pilate (23.4) concluded “I find no fault in this man.”
  • At the cross the Roman Centurion (23.47) observed “Certainly this was a righteous man.”
  • Even the criminal on the cross (23.39-41) confessed “This man has done nothing amiss.”

The greatest testament to Jesus, however, comes in this chapter from His Father, “Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well-pleased.”   It’s that affirmation that distinguishes Jesus from the rest of Humanity.  There has never been anyone like Jesus.

The opinions of others matter to us.  Our parents, our teachers, our friends, our peers.  But what God thinks about me is what matters most.  He has called me His friend, beloved, and His child. He has justified me and declared me righteous in His sight.

And that will not change.

Today you may be burdened by what someone else says or thinks about about you.  Focus instead on how God views you as His child.  “Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us that we should be called the children of God.”

*This is an amazing chapter.  What thought or verse did you note in your reading?  Feel free to share in the comment section.

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