Luke 5: Live In the Blessing

  • The Christmas Challenge is to read through the 24 chapters in the Gospel of Luke one chapter a day during the month of December – finishing this historical account of the life of Jesus just in time for Christmas.  Today’s chapter is Luke 5.

As with each chapter in Luke, there is much in this day’s reading that stands out.  One thing is the whole-hearted commitment of those who “left all and followed” Jesus (vv. 11, 28).  Another is the compassionate faith of the palsied man’s friends.

In stark contrast with these responses of faith is the attitude of the religious leaders.  They are eye-witnesses to evidence that Jesus is the Son of God and yet they were filled with questions instead of faith.  Jesus forgave sins, knew their thoughts, and healed the lame man.  And they said “Who is this that speaks blasphemies?”  God was glorified and they were filled with fear.

Which makes me wonder.  What miracles do I see without seeing?  Wonderful blessings of God all around me, yet I’m too preoccupied to notice.  Or perhaps to full of doubts. Or blinded by fear.

Every day I am surrounded by the beauty of creation. God’s daily provisions. Answers to prayers. “Small” blessings. Salvation blessings.  Life.  And yet I can be too busy or blinded to see these daily touches of the divine.

My joy in the blessings I DO have will be diminished if, while I am experiencing them, I can only think about the blessings I WISH I had.

Don’t miss out! Open your eyes to see what God is doing in your life.  Don’t respond in doubt to what you could see with faith. Enjoy the people, experiences, moments, gifts, miracles, and grace you are currently blessed with.

Some describe enjoying each experience to the fullest by saying “Live in the moment.” I say, “Live in the blessing.”

I want to learn to “live in the blessing.”

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