Luke 6: Living A Christmas Carol Life in a Christmas Song World

The Christmas Challenge is to read through the Gospel of Luke one chapter a day – finishing this historical account of the life of Jesus just in time for Christmas.  Today’s passage is Luke 6.

This time of year, the air is filled with the music of Christmas.  From Jingle Bells to O Holy Night to Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, you hear the “sounds of the Season” wherever you go.

Christmas carols are hymns about Christmas, Jesus or the nativity scene that are set to music. On the other hand, Christmas songs are basically songs that talk about someone’s experience with Christmas, around Christmas or even Christmas related things. These songs are not limited to talking about the Jesus and his birth, but can include any aspect of Christmas. These songs are often upbeat and are not considered as hymns. 

There’s nothing wrong with either of these, but there is a distinction between the two styles.

A Christmas song may only acknowledge Christmas on the surface.  It might talk about it, celebrate it, and hint at it, but doesn’t necessarily express the heart of the Christmas celebration.  It may, in fact, ignore that heart altogether.

A Christmas carol is a genuine, musical expression of the reason we celebrate to start with.  These songs point us to the Son of God born to be our Savior.

So, are you a Christmas-song Christian?  Or a Christmas-carol Christian?

In today’s chapter Jesus challenges His disciples about the options of being a Christ-follower.  He describes two trees (vv. 43-45) and two foundations (vv. 46-49).  One choice is to profess to be a follower of Christ, but only on the surface.  The other is to be a genuine example of what it means to be a disciple. 

How will you celebrate Christmas this year?  In only a superficial Christmas song way?  Or will you commit to being more than a hearer, a doer; to be more than a broad-road follower, but a narrow-path disciple; to living a rock-solid life rather than one built on shifting sand?  Will you be a Christmas Carol Christian?

*What verse caught your attention as you read this chapter?  Share your “key thought” in the comment section below.

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