Luke 9: Hope for Dull Disciples

Luke 9:45 – “But they did not understand this saying.”

This phrase reflects a common theme in the Gospel accounts: The slowness of the disciples to grasp what Jesus is saying.  Though they often have inspired flashes of knowledge (v. 20), they often “just don’t get it!”

For some reason, this phrase has always been an encouragement to me.  I struggle with “getting my mind around things.”  It takes me longer to grasp some truths.  I often fail at things I shouldn’t.   Sometimes I feel like I’ve unlearned more than I ever learned.  Maybe you feel the same way.

Good News! We are all slow learners (even the disciples).

Even Better News!  Jesus is a patient teacher.

And while He does not accommodate His holiness to our sinfulness, He does, in His mercy, accommodate His work in us to the frailty of human flesh and minds.

God is patiently taking us through the process that will accomplish His purpose.


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