Luke 11: Teach Us to Pray

The Christmas Challenge is to read through the 24 chapters in the Gospel of Luke one chapter a day during the month of December – finishing this historical account of the life of Jesus just in time for Christmas.  Today’s chapter is Luke 11.

Luke 11:1 – “Teach us to Pray”

This one simple phrase says much about the topic of prayer.  It is a matter of importance – the disciples desired to be taught. They knew how necessary it was.  

It is a matter of instruction – we  must learn to pray as we should. It’s not something that just comes naturally, we progress and grown in our knowledge and ability to pray.

And prayer is a matter of imitation – we learn from Jesus’ teaching and example.  He not only taught prayer, He was a model of what a powerful prayer life looked like.

On at least eleven different occasions Jesus taught on prayer.  From the early part of His Galilean ministry to the night before He died.  His example and His teaching are the greatest encouragement in the Bible for us to pray.

He prayed early in the morning and at night. He prayed alone, with others present, and in large public gatherings.  At times He prayed all night.  He prayed during one of His miracles. Four times prayed to bless a meal, to bless children, and to bless the disciples at His ascension. He prayed before major decisions.  He prayed before and on the cross.

And He is praying now. He is an intercessor and advocate before God’s throne. He is praying for me!

We too must learn to pray by following Jesus’ instruction and example.  And when we pray we join in His ministry of prayer.  


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