Luke 18 – Getting on God’s Nerves?

*This is a series based on the Christmas Challenge to read one chapter of Luke each day of December until Christmas.  Each day I am sharing a verse or thought that stands out to me from the daily reading.  Read along and share what stands out to you in the comment section.

Luke 18:1-8

I’ve sometimes heard this parable presented as a comparison between the judge and God. Just like the widow annoyed the judge we are supposed to wear God down through perseverant prayers until He answers our requests. 

But this story is one of contrast, not comparison. It is not “like,” it is “more than.” This man is unjust; God is perfectly just.  He is a judge; God is a Father.  The judge acts out of duty; God by His own choice.  The judge doesn’t fear God or regard people.  God IS God and cares deeply for His chosen.

And Jesus argues from the lesser to the greater.  If the lesser, the unjust, unloving, duty-bound judge will respond to requests out of annoyance, how much more will a just, compassionate, willing Father act out of love?

This parable speaks to us about the fervency of prayer.  The elect “cry” to God.  This is a word that means to cry with unusually loud volume.  This is a passionate and heart-felt plea expressed out of an assurance of the Father’s care.

It speaks about the frequency of prayer.  They pray to God “day and night.”  Not only does this mean we can we call on God any hour of the day, there are times when we may pray unceasingly, day and night, until we receive the answer.

But there is also the promise of the faithfulness of prayer.  “Though he bear long with them.”  Even though prayer requires perseverance, we know that God will answer suddenly, speedily, or in a timely manner.  Just at the most appropriate time God will answer our prayer in the most appropriate manner.

I love how Jesus ends this parable.  When the Son of Man comes, when the greatest wrongs will be made right with the greatest avenging, will there still be those with faith?  Will we still be trusting God to bring that great reckoning, restoration, and redemption?

This widow had no earthly aid.  We too have no earthly aid, but we do have a Heavenly aid! 


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