Luke 19: The People No One Wants

Luke 19:10 – “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

A key theme in Luke’s Gospel is his interest in those generally disregarded in first century society – women, children, the poor, the disreputable, and Gentiles. All incorrectly and ungraciously looked down upon as inferior.

But the Jesus Luke writes of came to bring good will to mankind.   The angels brought tidings of great joy which would be to all people.  Jesus reached out to those rejected by His society.   He spent time in the company of publicans, sinners, outcasts of all sorts.  The people no one wanted. The people society would do without if they could.

This verse sums it up in one phrase, “those that are lost.” While it might be easy for us to categorize society into the acceptable or unacceptable, God does not.  We are all lost.  We cannot find our way.  We are born on the path of sin, away from God.  We are the lost sheep of Luke 15.  But Jesus came to seek us and to save us.

This is the bad news and the good news of the Gospel.  We are all lost; Jesus came to seek and save.  That is why He was born, it is why He served, and it is why He died.  And He is looking for you.

 We are all just a motley crew of lost characters who often have nothing more in common than our need for Jesus. But we are equal because we never have anything less in common than our need for Jesus. 

We may feel like the people no one wants, but we are the people Jesus is looking for.


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