Luke 22: Eat, Drink, and Merry Christmas!

Luke 22:14-18 – “I have desired to eat this Passover with you.”

In just a couple of days many of us will gather around a table.  We will celebrate the salvation which Christ brings.  We will enjoy time with our family and friends.  And we will leave the table filled with the goodness of the food and delights that have been provided.

Forgiveness. Fellowship. Fullness.

The communion meal reminds us of all of these. 

In the broken bread and shed blood of which the elements speak we see our salvation and forgiveness of sins. 

In the corporate participation with brothers and sisters we are reminded of the community of which we are a part.  The bride of Christ.  Even those with whom we don’t find full agreement and from whom we are significantly different.  The diverse family of God.

In the ceremony of a meal we celebrate the filling of an innate hunger.

To know God and to be loved by Him is the end of our soul’s quest for eternal satisfaction.  He is infinite, and that answers to our longing for completeness.  He is eternal and that answers to our longing for permanence.  He is unchangeable; and that answers to our longing for stability and security.

The more you know Him, the more you want to know Him.  The more you feast on His fellowship, the hungrier you are for deeper, richer communion.

The Meal is feasting on Christ spiritually by faith for the satisfaction of the hunger and thirst of our souls.

Forgiveness. Fellowship. Fullness.

As we feast on physical food this Christmas let’s find a deeper delight in the Christ of Christmas, experiencing the spiritual fullness He brings.


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