When Your Vision Blinds Itself

Someone has defined vision as “Seeing not only what could be, but what should be.”  Vision is necessary for life, business, and ministry.  Anything that is worth doing requires an understanding of what should be.

And yet, vision is never enough.  Many people have a vision, but fewer experience its reality.  Mental acuity, physical fitness, spiritual maturity – all imagine what they could or should be, but very few ever get there.

A vision without passion or action is just a concept.

A vision with passion but no action is just a dream.

Only coupled with passion and action will a vision become a reality.

Vision is the steering wheel, passion the accelerator, and action the engine of accomplishment.

When we get so focused on vision that we neglect passion and action, vision becomes the greatest hindrance to itself.  You’ll never achieve success without vision, but you’ll never achieve it with vision alone.



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