A Mother’s Work is Never Done

A Mother’s Work is Eternal

When we talk about the work of a mother it is tempting to focus on the physical actions of mothering. After all that’s the most obvious burden a mother carries – the constant cleaning, cooking, care-taking, comforting – the mundane motherly tasks that seem to mindlessly fill her days. That labor in itself is admirable and as the old cliche says – “never done.” But the role of a mother transcends the work she performs, and it is inadequate to praise her for those alone.

A mother is an indispensable element in the intricate, even delicate emotional balance of a family. She contributes the complementary femininity that interacts complexly with her husband’s masculinity. She provides the ballast of maturity that serves as a counter-weight to her child’s childishness. She is a stabilizing force to the pull of the family’s varied dispositions. She is the harmony note that keeps the family tune from being merely a weak monotone.

It is wrong to underestimate the importance of Dad to the family, particularly in our current culture, but a mother leaves a fingerprint on her family distinct from that of a father. She shapes and forms her family both individually and collectively. Her children will remember her instruction, her character, her intuition, and her heart long after her body is gone. Hers is an elemental part of the divinely miraculous work of a child metamorphosing into an adult. God has placed eternity in her children’s heart and it is a mother who helps nurture it to maturity.In a fallen world grace is most unnatural, but the clearest display of it is a mother.

A mother’s earthly work may never be done, but her heavenly work is eternal.

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