Redeeming Our Scattering

Our world is constantly reminding us of the bad things happening around us.  Turn on the news, visit blogs, read social media, even open your email box and COVID-19 hits us in the face.

In the midst of this, God is still at work.  We often say, “God knows what’s going on.”  And He does.  But God is not just aware, He is active.  Evil is always doing what evil does, but God is always doing what God does.  And God is not a passive bystander who steps in to provide protection.  He is an active participant who provides purpose. This purpose reminds us of an important “faith principle.”

Faith is manifested not just in the absence of fear, but in the presence of hope.

If we focus only on avoiding evil we will lose this moment.  But we can obey the command to redeem the time if we look for what God is doing and join Him in it.


In Acts 8:1 God uses great persecution to move the church. They move from level one obedience – “at Jerusalem” to level two obedience – “throughout Judea and Samaria.” He does not move them from disobedience to obedience.  He moves them from obedience to greater obedience.  He scatters them.  And through this scattering greater obedience comes greater opportunities.  He multiplies their effectiveness

It’s important to remember another “faith principle.”

The changes our adverse circumstances force us to make are evidence of the providential hand of God at work in the life of His people.

In our “scattering” we have opportunity to invest more and better time with our various communities – family, church, neighborhood.  We can restore household worship! We can re-connect with our neighbors! We can be the church in our world!

Let’s not lose this opportunity by withdrawing into a selfish, inwardly-focused seclusion.  Let’s look for the opportunity for engaging a needy world with a wise, outwardly-focused compassion.

God is giving us an opportunity to be the church inside AND outside the walls of a building.

Let’s not lose this chance to be the church.  Let’s redeem this evil time.

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