I Believe. Help My Unbelief.

A few thoughts on faith in these uncertain times:

Faith isn’t trusting God only when He does what I ask. Faith trusts that He will do what’s best even when it is different than what I asked.

Faith isn’t trusting only that God will answer my “why?,” it’s is reaching the point that I surrender my “why.” I may never know the “why” and I am ok with that.

Faith recognizes that sometimes God does answer the why, but that the “why?” isn’t as important as long as I know the “Who!”

Faith watches for the hand of God in the smallest of life’s details, but knows that He is at work even when it can’t be seen.

Faith is not the absence of struggle, but the triumph over it. The person of faith is not one who is without weakness, but the one who conquers their fear, worries, and doubts by trusting on.

The victory of faith is not always in the cessation of difficulties but by perseverance in them.


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