Celebrating 2020

Many of us are happy to see this year come to an end. For some, it’s as if, magically, everything is going to change and this next year will be the exact opposite of 2020. For others, it’s just hopeful optimism that things will get better.

As I think over this past year there are certainly many negatives. No one can deny that it’s been a tough year. I’m not minimizing the trials you may have experienced, but as I look back there are also many blessings God has given and works He has done. So as 2020 comes to an end, I choose to celebrate those good things!

Instead of griping about those who got out of the habit of attending church during quarantine, I’m going to be thankful for the many whose faithfulness shone – whether in person or virtually – and whose relationship with Christ deepened because of this trying year,

Instead of bemoaning all the ministry plans that had to be cancelled, adjusted, or postponed, I marvel at the new doors of opportunity God opened that we might never had passed through unless pushed by COVID.

Instead of mourning the low paths of weakness travelled this year, I’m going to celebrate the strength we found in God’s grace to walk them and still experience His high places.

Instead of thinking about the familiar traditions we didn’t get to observe this holiday season, I’m going to rejoice that we were able to focus on the real reason we celebrate because the distractions we often complain of were removed. Many had nothing but Jesus. And that’s a good thing.

Instead of wondering where God was in all of this, I’m going to worship the God that is always at work and Who used this for our good and His glory. The God we trust to make 2021 better was still God in the worst of 2020.


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