Make Me An Instrument of Grace

Lord of All,

In a world filled with lies, injustice, and wrong, I rejoice in your righteousness. I long for the day when you will execute perfectly true justice and will restore the “rightness” of Your creation.

In a world filled with hatred, unforgiveness, and vengeance, I rejoice in Your mercy. I wait for the day all the vile belligerence of man will be forever purged and compassion will fill the human heart.

And in a world that is divided from You and from each other I rejoice in your love that sent Your Son to reconcile us to Yourself. I pray for the day that same grace will be the means by which we are perfectly reconciled to each other.

Until that day, may I be an instrument of your righteousness, your mercy, and your love in a world that so desperately needs to experience You. Amen.

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