Beyond Outraged: 5 Positive, Pro-Life Ways to Respond to Abortion

Readers of this blog are well-aware of the fact that I am unashamedly pro-life.  Much of my writing over the years has been on this issue, and I’ve made no secret of the fact.  So, obviously, the abortion law recently passed in New York (and attempted in Virginia) has been appalling to me. (Note: When originally posted, the late-term abortion law had just been passed in NY and narrowly defeated in VA)

It is an unfortunate aspect of our news-by-the-minute culture that our outrage (even justified) on such matters is short-lived.  We hear of something like this, express our anger for a few days, commiserate with those of like-mind, then move quickly on to the next event.

Outrage is never enough. If we really believe abortion is as terrible as it is, we must DO something.  May I encourage you to do more than just “get angry?” Here are five suggestions of positive actions anyone can take:

1) Pray Faithfully 

This is something everyone can do and should always be our first response, not our last resort. Pray for hearts to be changed on this issue – mothers who feel this is their only option; abortion providers who believe what they are doing is legal and moral; voters who ignore this issue; and politicians who use it as a political game-piece.

Pray for ministries that are engaged in preventing abortions, and for adoptive parents who take in unwanted babies. Pray that Christians will raise their voice against this unconscionable evil.

Most of all, pray that our nation will repent of this national sin and turn its heart to God

2) Engage Politically

Be informed. Know when your legislature is voting on related bills and hold your elected representatives accountable for their actions and votes with your actions and votes.

Contact your elected representatives. With email and social media it’s never been easier to voice your view. We live in a country where we are free to do so.  There is really no excuse not to.  Do so in a loving, gracious manner, but let your voice be heard.  (You can find your national reps here: and there are sites to help you find your state reps (

3) Give Generously

Donate to a local Pregnancy Center or Christian ministry that is engaged on the front-lines of this battle for life.   Invest in ministries that are about life – from birth to eternity. Give to those who minister to children, needy families, and single-parent homes.

4) Volunteer Regularly

Don’t stop with giving.  Give of yourself.  Volunteer at a Pregnancy Center.  Deliver food for a food bank. Participate in a peaceful protest. Spend time serving at a rescue mission. Become an adoptive or foster parent.

5) Love Freely

Stop seeing pro-abortion supporters as an enemy. Those who have experienced abortion are not the enemy. People are not the enemy.

Our goal is to win hearts and minds and souls.  Not arguments.  Our words and actions for life should be life-giving.  Anger is not only counter-productive, it is contrary to our message.  The battle for life will not ultimately be won in a courthouse or the White House.  It will be won one heart at a time.  This can only be done with the love of Christ

Anger is easy. Action is effective.

*Reposted from January, 2019


One thought on “Beyond Outraged: 5 Positive, Pro-Life Ways to Respond to Abortion

  1. Gary says:

    Looking for that ministry you’ve always wondered about since you were saved by grace? Foster and adopt children in your local area. Maybe if we desire to love the boys and girls that are living, someone might change their heart to let one child live!

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