Some Christians!

Some Christians wear masks. Some don’t.

Some Christians aren’t staying at home. Some haven’t left.

Some Christians are not ready to return to regularly assembled worship. Some never stopped.

Some Christians are not comfortable being around people. Some are.

Some Christians believe dark forces are at work to manipulate our society through fear and government intrusion. Some do not.

Some are speaking out for personal liberty. Some are speaking out for public responsibility.

Some are vaccinated. Some are not. Some will not.

Some think those who disagree are without faith. Some think those who disagree are without love.

Some ________________. Some ____________________. (You fill in the blank.)

Both extreme sides think the other un-Christlike.

Many are somewhere in between these positions and would love to hear nothing more about them!

ALL are brothers and sisters in Christ!

Scriptural principles can allow Christians of good-will and equal intelligence to come to a wide range of varying, even opposing, conclusions on some of these matters. Scriptural commands, however, require us to love one another like Christ loved us, endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, and treat one another with the respect due to the family of God.

If these issues cause a spirit of division between you and another believer, consider whether your position is rooted in Scriptural principles or in selfish pride. Consider whether your response to them reflects the Spirit’s unity and Christ’s love or a determination to be right at any cost.

While we are apart ideologically or even physically, let’s not allow the Enemy to drive us apart completely. Don’t let “social distancing” become “spiritual distancing.”

The One who unites the Church is far greater than the things that might divide us.

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