Thankful for Long Miracles

The God who can do instantly, often doesn’t.

When the God who can, won’t, there is a reason.

When the God who can do things instantly waits, there is a reason.

Think of some of the things He does instantly: creation, regeneration, miracles.

But then think of the things He takes time to complete: creation (took six days to do what could have done in an instant, the Incarnation (took a lifetime to do what could have done instantly), answers to prayer (Paul – 3x), miracles (blind man; Lazarus), sanctification, guidance.

If God takes His time with something He could have done immediately, there is some benefit for me in the process of accomplishing His purpose that I would not have gotten had He done it instantly.

God is doing what God is doing in God’s time.

Sometimes we can get so focused on getting the answer to the question we are asking that we miss the lesson that God is teaching through the process.

It’s one thing to thank God for the things He has done. It’s another to be thankful for the “long miracles.” To thank Him for what He is doing or has not yet done.

At every point in our Christian life God will be “processing” something. What is it He’s taking His time with in your life?  Are you willing to let it go? Trust God? And learn? It all starts on your knees in surrender.

2 thoughts on “Thankful for Long Miracles

  1. Christy Sullivan says:

    Pastor Cameron, These were the EXACT words I needed this morning! God is using you to do that for me a lot lately. My “long miracle” is 26+ years in the making and it’s wearing heavy on my heart now. Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Christopher Phillips says:

    Pastor Cameron,
    I just found this today. We spoke on Sunday about this. I am thankful that he takes his time and puts me in the right place. I have to learn how to wait and see where he leads. Thank you for the encouraging words.

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