“Continue in the things you’ve learned!”

As we enter the new year and many are beginning plans to read through the Bible in the coming year, we’ve been looking at 2 Timothy 3 where Paul gives us four reasons we should study the Bible faithfully. Reason #1 was because of the Bible’s source.

But we have another reason . . .

Reason #2: Because of a command (v. 14a)

“Continue in the things you have learned.”

Paul challenges Timothy to “continue” in the Scriptures. Even though his mother and grandmother taught him the Scriptures since childhood, he would profit from continuing to study them.

Those who have been believers for a long time face a subtle danger of familiarity. A spirit of complacency sets in because the truth of Scripture seems old. We’ve heard it all before. This apathy can discourage us from studying the Word.

Some Christians have this attitude toward their pastor’s sermons. “Preacher, tell me something I haven’t heard before.” If the pastor doesn’t bring some earth-shaking, previously unknown truth, they are snoozing before the introduction is over. They expect the Bible teacher to constantly come up with some creative approach, or the devotional some innovative technique. But repetition is necessary for learning. Peter tells his readers “I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance.” It is important for him to remind them in order to “stir them up.”

We need to continue in the Word. Psalm 1 says the “blessed” man meditates in the law of the Lord “day and night.” We have a clear command to do so. Let’s not depend on others to feed us something new. Let’s study the word, continuing in the things we have been taught and discovering fresh truths for ourselves.

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