Fullness of Redemption

When God redeemed my past He forgave the sins of my past, He freed me from the slavery of my past, and He fashions the shame of my past into blessings.

When He redeemed my future He gave me faith, hope, and a certainty of eternal life with Him, freeing me from fear, dread, and eternal death separated from Him.

But redemption isn’t just about the past or the future. He has redeemed my present. He gives me the full, abundant, abiding life to enjoy NOW. “I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly!”

Let us live today in the fullness of His Redemption!

3 thoughts on “Fullness of Redemption

  1. Stew Rd. says:

    Excellent! So many live like they are half forgiven and half barely tolerated by the Father – the blood was more than enough for FULL redemption- good word!

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