Reminders from a Bent Tree

The work God does in us and the power He provides for us and the grace He manifests through us are far greater than anything our circumstances can do to us.

You may feel like your circumstances have bent and misshapen you, but God takes them and uses them to create a unique display of His grace.

Be rooted. Stay grounded. Abide in Christ. Experience grace at work.

You are not damaged beyond repair. You are not bent beyond beauty. You will yet be a testament of grace and glory.


2 thoughts on “Reminders from a Bent Tree

  1. Stew Rd. says:

    Love this, Cameron! We noticed Father doing a deep work of Isaiah 61 restoring of hearts – He said “it is imperative we understand and believe the Healer > than the Hurter” because that lens determines whether we see God’a activity or the enemy’s activity as being the predominant thing we see and/or expect.

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