The Devil was Dancing at the Grammys

Yes, the devil was dancing at the Grammys.  But that’s not his only stage.

He stands behind every pastor, no matter how popular and appealing, who undermines the truth of Scripture and preaches another Gospel. 

He supports every politician, regardless of party, who casts a vote against the righteous principles of God.

He speaks through every lying tongue that despises, denies, dilutes, or departs from the truth. 

He sings in tune with every hypocrite who pretends to worship Christ on Sunday but ignores Him Monday through Saturday.

He celebrates every division and dissension within Christ’s church.

He smiles when believers are enraged and distracted from their mission by lesser matters.

He snickers as we are amused and entertained by unrighteousness. 

He shares in harming every innocent life that is aborted, taken, abused, and trafficked.

He smirks at the suffering of the defenseless, poor, and outcast. 

And he shouts with joy over every soul that he can devour.

But one day, Satan will not dance. He will not sing. He will not laugh. He will no longer roam, accuse, or deceive. He will not triumph. 

He will bow. 

He will confess. 

He will submit. 

And he will burn.


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