Sore Losers and the Team They Rode In On: How NOT to Respond When Your Team Loses

Social Media becomes an interesting place following big rivalry match-ups between two sports teams. Of course, one team has to lose and predictably its fans will be out in force commiserating, griping, or crying. There are at least four typical responses I’ve observed from losing fans (true of some fans of all teams):

1. The Abrasively Surly Fan – “I don’t care, it’s not that big a deal. You’re all a bunch of losers and (insert insulting name for your team) is going down soon.”

crying fan

2. The Annoyingly Whiney Fan – “Those were the WORST refs I have ever seen.” (Or our player was hurt, or they played too rough, etc. There are MANY variations of this one).

3. The Condescendingly Mature Fan – “Well, it’s always good to remember there are more important things in life.” (This takes various forms, but ironically is never used when their team WINS).

And my personal favorite . . .

4. The Blessedly Silent Fan – ” ” (This one speaks for itself. Sometimes the best response is none.).

Which of these responses have you observed, or would you add to this list?