Three Ways To Get More Out Of Church

The first Sunday following Easter is often a “down” Sunday.  The crowd is smaller, the energy is lessened, and the enthusiasm is diminished.  However, I’m convinced better things of Nephos readers.  I’m sure that you will be in church this weekend, ready to worship!

For those who will attend, here’s three brief pieces of advice to help you enhance your worship experience.

“Hold it.”

You heard me. And you know what I mean.

It amazes me that most people wait until the last ten minutes of the service to get up and go. It’s as if they think they held it as long as they could, and deserve some kind of reward for making it that long. Forget that it’s only minutes to the benediction. Forget that it’s the conclusion of the sermon where important application of truth will be made. It doesn’t matter. Nature’s call always trumps the altar call.

Hold it. Most people can. Try thinking about something else. Evaluate the hairdos of those around you, fill in the b’s and d’s in the bulletin, or even (perish the thought) focus on the pastor’s sermon. It’ll help get your mind off your situation. And who knows, you might actually hear something useful.

If you absolutely can’t hold it, try this one:

“Go before service!”

There. I said it. Three little words that can make such a difference. It’s really not that difficult.  Your pastor will appreciate it, and those sitting near you in church will thank you. Most services aren’t really that long when taken in perspective, so if you follow this advice, you should be able to make it.

If you have a medical condition (it happens, I know) or if past experience has proven you absolutely won’t make it past the first point of that hour long sermon, here’s #3:

“Sit in the back.”

That way when you get up, you won’t disturb anyone but yourself. The ordinary offender jumps up from the middle of the pew, in the middle of their section, glances apologetically at the people around as they squeeze their big, Baptist selves past, and smile at the preacher as if to say, “Reward me for my perseverance.”

Hold it. Go before service. Sit in the back.

Three little thoughts that could change your life. More importantly, they could change your worship.