Owen Agrees With Me

I always love it when well known writers and theologians agree with me!

Here’s John Owen’s comment on Hebrews 4:12-13:

“The attributes here ascribed unto the word do all of them properly belong unto the person of Christ, and cannot firstly and directly be ascribed unto the gospel. It is said to be “quick,” that is, living. Jesus Christ is the living One who “hath life in Himself;” and he is the “Lord of life” unto others. This one property of Him with whom we have to do contains the two great motives unto obedience, namely, that He is able to support us in it and reward us eternally for it; also He is able to avenge all disobediences.”

Well, that settles it. If John Owen says it, that ends all discussion! šŸ˜‰

He does go on to say, “It is Christ who Himself makes His word powerful and sharp; He acts in it and by it.” and, “Every impression made on the heart by the preached word is an effect of the power of Christ.” So it seems he does allow for an indirect application to the written/preached word.


One thought on “Owen Agrees With Me

  1. I love that passage and what Owen says. Always good to be reminded that it is the Spirit that gives life to the words.

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