In Defense of the Average Christian

It is my experience that many Christian celebrities, mega-churches, colleges, seminaries, para-church organizations, their leaders, and the “watch-dogs” that pursue them have an inflated sense of their own significance. They seem oblivious to how little importance they hold for the average believer in the average congregation.

I suggest that the typical church member is simply too busy trying to live out their faith, feed their families, serve their their communities, and worship with their local church to engage with the controversies, movements, or “cause-of-the-week.” For good or ill they are largely unaware of much of the drama on the “national scene.”

So criticize them all you want for not being sufficiently riled about your pet peeve. Bemoan their ambivalence and apathy toward the issue du jour. Question their commitment to the cause. But don’t keep distracting them with your doom-filled attacks.

They’re the ones who are caring for the suffering, serving in the local charities, financing world missions, sharing the Gospel, and living out grace daily in the real world.

They are the hands and feet of Jesus.

They are the church.

They GO!

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