The Gospel in Marriage

Why does God take marriage so seriously? Why is much of the Bible related to its definition and protection, either by direct reference or open inference? Why does it matter?

Marriage matters because marriage is about the Gospel.

Marriage is a divinely-ordained means of conveying the Gospel, and we are successful in marriage to the degree that we manifest God’s grace to our spouse. It is through the window of marriage that we see Christ and the church, and it is in the light of Christ and His Church that we are to view marriage.

The deep happiness God intended for marriage results when we sustain the self-sacrificial submission of grace that is both a response and reflection of Christ’s love for us. If our goal is to serve one another rather than to be happy, we will find a fuller and more meaningful happiness.

Marriage is a divinely designed, dynamically experienced, delightfully observed display of the grace and glory of God’s eternal purpose in redemption. Through it, God calls us away from the self-fulfilling desires that are contrary to everything that is grace.

Apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, the constant, self-sacrificial demands of marriage will eventually produce resentment and ultimately bitterness. No marriage can be the Gospel-display of grace God designed it to be without the empowering ministry of the Spirit.

Marriage, as intended by God, is both an experience and an expression of grace because two different yet complementary individuals living together over a lifetime requires a particular measure of grace. And there is no grace like that experienced as God enables us to be godly husbands and wives.


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